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Home Care FAQs

Frequently asked questions associated with home care services in CT

Here at Dependable Care, we seek to not only provide the best-quality in-home care, but also to ensure that our clients feel comfortable with their knowledge of our service. No matter where you are in the process of finding the right-fit home care solution, peruse our Frequently Asked Questions to get to know home care—and our services.

For information about our services call (203) 580-6260.

Home care provides seniors with assistance in their own home which allows them to live independently. Dependable care helps seniors maintain t of the highest quality of life provides safety, promotes health, and happiness of the client. Home care includes assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation, light housekeeping, laundry, transportation, medication reminders.

  • Private payment
  • Veteran Affairs benefits
  • Asset conversion
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Home equity lines of credit
  • Long term care insurance
    • If you are not sure about the status of your loved one’s long term care insurance then contact Dependable Care and we will assist you.

Yes, care is provided in an assisted living facility. We collaborate with facility staff to promote better quality of life for clients, and to make sure all of our clients’ needs are being met.

  1. With a private caregiver, you need to do the proper screening and background checks. After you hire that person, you then become a supervisor! We have a very rigorous system for screening and interviewing caregivers, so we hire only the highest quality caregivers. Plus we handle all ongoing caregiver issues so the family never has to deal with it.
  2. When your private caregiver calls in sick, you’re stuck finding a replacement or taking care of your loved one yourself. When you use a company, there are always back-up caregivers available.
  3. Our caregivers are our employees, which means we pay all of their taxes and Worker’s Compensation. If a caregiver is injured on the job the Worker’s Compensation Bureau can come to your loved one looking for compensation if your caregiver files a claim.
  4. Our caregivers work under a care plan developed by our experts, and they have a team of supervisors who keep a close eye on the level of care they provide. It takes a lot more coordination than people think. To get the best care, you should work with professionals.
  5. Most important, however, is the fact that when you choose Dependable Care, you are hiring an entire team of people who care.

One of the reasons we are so successful is our ability to match clients and caregivers. After our initial meeting and assessment with you or your loved one, our nurse will have an excellent idea of the level of care needed and the type of personality that would best suit your loved one. At that point, our care team brainstorms on which of our employees would be a good fit.

No. While we have an agreement that spells out expectations, we do not require a long-term commitment to our services. We want you to use us only if you are satisfied. As a matter of fact, we encourage older adults who are undecided about the value of home care to simply give us a try, even if it’s only for a month.

To learn more about how Dependable Care can help you and your loved one(s), give us a call at (203) 580-6260, or reach out to us via email at We look forward to helping you and your loved one(s) discover home care done differently.