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Transportation Services for Seniors in CT: How a Caregiver Can Help

Transportation Services for Seniors in CT: How a Caregiver Can Help
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Transportation Services for Seniors in CT: How a Caregiver Can Help

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Driving is an activity that many people do every day and take for granted. As people get older, they may develop difficulty driving because of vision problems, slower reaction times, or Alzheimer’s. Many adult children of senior citizens are concerned about their parents’ declining abilities and believe it is in everyone’s best interest for them to give up the keys.

How to Talk to Your Parent about Giving up Driving

If you are concerned about your parent’s driving, you should have a frank and sensitive discussion about it. Since driving is such an important part of life, you may need to talk about it several times before you can convince your parent to give it up.

Ask your parent how he or she is handling the challenges and responsibility of driving. If you have noticed problems, your parent probably has too.

Expect your parent to object when you suggest that he or she give up driving. Your parent probably has valid concerns, such as how he or she will get to medical appointments, visit family and friends, go grocery shopping, and complete other errands. Listen to these concerns and acknowledge that they are valid.

Your parent may want to reminisce about past cars and experiences, such as family vacations and teaching kids to drive. Let your parent share these memories. He or she may be more willing to acknowledge that things have changed after you allow him or her to share positive memories instead of trying to keep the conversation on track.

A Caregiver Can Provide Transportation for Your Parent

If you suggest that your parent give up driving, you will need to offer another way for him or her to run errands and continue to visit people and participate in activities. You may not be available to drive your parent to places all the time because of your own job and other commitments.

A caregiver from Dependable Care can help. A companion can drive your parent to doctor’s appointments, the local senior center, or visits with family and friends. He or she can also help your parent with errands such as grocery shopping.

Dependable Care has a team of caregivers who have helped many seniors in Connecticut with transportation and other needs. If you are concerned about your parent’s ability to drive and think it is time for him or her to give it up, hiring a caregiver from Dependable Care is a convenient and realistic alternative that can allow your parent to remain independent while keeping him or her and others safe. Contact Dependable Care today to find a caregiver who can help your parent with transportation.

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