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Short-Term In-Home Care for Seniors in Connecticut

Short-Term In-Home Care for Seniors in Connecticut
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Short-Term In-Home Care for Seniors in Connecticut

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As people get older, they often need help with many daily activities, such as cooking, shopping, cleaning, and doing laundry. In many cases, senior citizens receive help from their adult children, who may visit a few times a week or as often as one or more times per day. Many seniors who want to continue to live in their homes and be independent rely on their children to help take care of them.

Adult children are often happy to help their aging parents, but they might not be around and available whenever they are needed. For example, a child might have to go away on a business trip. He or she could be hospitalized or have another family member who is dealing with a medical issue. In other cases, an adult child might simply want to take a needed and well-deserved vacation.

An In-Home Caregiver Can Help Your Parent While You Are Away

If your parent needs help with daily activities on a short-term basis because you will be temporarily unavailable, Dependable Care can help. We employ a team of compassionate caregivers who can visit your parent at home and provide assistance with many of the tasks you normally do.

One of our caregivers can go grocery shopping and prepare nutritious meals for your parent. A caregiver can complete other errands, such as picking up prescriptions or going to the post office. He or she can clean the house and do laundry. A caregiver can remind your parent to take any necessary medications on schedule. He or she can drive your parent to medical appointments, to a senior center, or to visits with other family members or friends. A caregiver can also provide friendly companionship for your parent at home.

Call Dependable Care in Connecticut to Find a Short-Term Caregiver for Your Parent

If you normally take care of your parent and you need to go away for a while, you don’t need to worry. Connecticut’s Dependable Care can match your parent with an in-home caregiver who can provide short-term care for your mother or father while you are away. Your parent can receive help with many of the tasks you usually do so that he or she will stay safe and healthy while you are away. You can have peace of mind while you are gone knowing that your parent is in good hands. If you need a short-term caregiver for your parent, contact Dependable Care today.

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