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A Live-in Caregiver Can Provide Help 24 Hours a Day

A Live-in Caregiver Can Provide Help 24 Hours a Day
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A Live-in Caregiver Can Provide Help 24 Hours a Day

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Seniors often need help with daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, cooking, laundry, and housekeeping. Caring for an aging parent can be difficult for adult children, especially if the parent needs help around the clock and the children have jobs and families of their own. Many seniors do not like the thought of living in a nursing home or an assisted living facility and want to be able to remain in their homes as long as possible. A live-in caregiver can be the ideal solution.

A live-in caregiver can help your parent with all of the physical tasks and chores that have become difficult because of age, illness, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, or other conditions. He or she can provide assistance with household tasks and personal care, as well as providing friendly companionship. A live-in caregiver can accompany your parent on walks and trips to community events and can provide transportation to run errands and visit family and friends.

Dependable Care has a team of highly trained and compassionate live-in caregivers who can provide seniors with the level of assistance they need. A caregiver can help with personal care and hygiene, cooking, shopping, cleaning, and laundry. He or she can also remind your parent to take medication, get the mail, and even take care of pets. A live-in caregiver can engage your parent in mentally stimulating conversation to keep his or her mind sharp and to keep your parent engaged in social interaction.

If your mother or father is struggling to complete basic everyday tasks but wants to stay at home and you are unable to provide care 24 hours a day, a live-in caregiver can help. He or she can live in your parent’s home to provide round-the-clock care in any way needed to give your parent a better quality of life. This can help your parent remain independent as long as possible and allow him or her to enjoy retirement and spending time with family and friends. It can also give you and the rest of your family peace of mind. Contact Dependable Care today to learn more about our live-in caregiver services.

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