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Know Your Limitations as a Caregiver

Know Your Limitations as a Caregiver
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Know Your Limitations as a Caregiver

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When people get older, they often experience physical or mental decline that can make it difficult for them to live independently. Seniors and their families sometimes do not want to consider nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Another option that many families choose is to have the senior citizen move in with an adult child or another family member.

If your loved one is struggling to care for himself or herself and can no longer live independently, you may think that having him or her move in with you is the ideal solution. You will be able to spend more time together and help your loved one with his or her needs, and the family will become closer as a result.

Think about What Care You Can and Cannot Provide

You need to be realistic, however, about the level of care you can provide. You may have practical limitations. For example, if your loved one has Alzheimer’s or falls often and needs 24-hour supervision, and you have a full-time job and children of your own, you won’t be able to provide the level of care your relative needs. If you are a single parent, the burden of caring for an elderly relative in addition to you own children may be more than you can handle. Even if you can get help from your spouse or older children, your elderly relative may need a level of care that the family cannot provide because of scheduling demands or other issues.

You may also not be comfortable with some aspects of your loved one’s care. Many people become incontinent when they get older. Think about whether you and your other family members would feel comfortable helping an older relative use the bathroom or changing his or her diapers. Your loved one may need assistance with bathing and dressing. Think about whether you and your other family members would be comfortable helping your loved one with these tasks, and also whether you would be physically able to do so. Helping a frail, full-grown adult get in and out of the bathtub and get dressed is very different from helping a small child.

How Dependable Care Can Help

If you want to have an elderly loved one move in with you, but you are concerned that you may not be able to provide all of the care that he or she needs, Dependable Care can help. We can match your loved one with a caregiver who can provide assistance with bathing, dressing, and toileting, as well as other household activities that can ease the burden on you, such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry. We have helped many seniors and their families all across Connecticut. Contact Dependable Care today so we can match your relative with the right caregiver.

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