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Fire Safety for Seniors: A Caregiver Can Help Prevent Fires in the Home

Fire Safety for Seniors: A Caregiver Can Help Prevent Fires in the Home
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Fire Safety for Seniors: A Caregiver Can Help Prevent Fires in the Home

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Safety in the home is a major concern for senior citizens and their families. According to the United States Fire Administration, senior citizens are 2.5 times more likely than younger people to die in a fire and suffer more fire-related injuries. Elderly people are often sleeping when a fire breaks out.

Why Seniors Are at a Higher Risk of Fires in the Home

There are several reasons why senior citizens are more likely to be victims of fires. Some may be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia and forget that the stove or oven is on. Seniors may experience reduced vision and hearing as they get older and may not see a fire or smoke or hear a smoke detector going off. They may have slower reaction times, and medication may affect their ability to make quick decisions in an emergency. Because of economic constraints, seniors may use space heaters or candles to save money and may not be able to afford to have electrical problems fixed. They may not recognize fire hazards, such as using worn-out appliances or plugging too many things into a single outlet at the same time.

Dependable Care Can Conduct a Safety Inspection

If your parent lives alone and you are concerned about him or her becoming the victim of a fire, Dependable Care can help. We have helped many seniors across Connecticut live safely and maintain their independence at home.

We will send a nurse to your parent’s home to look for ways to improve safety. The nurse will look for fire hazards, such as faulty appliances and outlets, space heaters, overloaded outlets, and broken smoke detectors. The nurse will make recommendations about ways to reduce the risk to your parent and make the home safer.

A Caregiver Can Prepare Meals for Your Parent

Dependable Care can also match your parent with a caregiver who can help with cooking. If your parent is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, there is a high risk that he or she could leave the stove or oven on and cause a fire. A caregiver from Dependable Care can prepare nutritious meals for your parent so he or she will not need to use the oven or stove. The caregiver can also be on the lookout for other fire hazards in the home.

Contact Dependable Care to Help Your Parent in CT

Dependable Care can help protect your parent from the risk of a fire in the home. We will identify specific ways to help make your parent’s home safer, and one of our caregivers can prepare healthy meals so you will not need to worry about dangers from your parent cooking. Contact Dependable Care in Connecticut today so we can schedule an appointment for a safety inspection and match your parent with the right caregiver.

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