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What to Do When Family Members Disagree on Whether a Caregiver Is Needed

What to Do When Family Members Disagree on Whether a Caregiver Is Needed
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What to Do When Family Members Disagree on Whether a Caregiver Is Needed

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Many older adults face challenges that can make it difficult to remain independent. Seniors may have trouble with daily chores, such as cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry, because of a condition such as arthritis. They may experience declines in vision and hearing that make it difficult to drive and to live at home alone safely. Some seniors develop Alzheimer’s disease or dementia that can lead to confusion and forgetfulness and create safety hazards. Some may also experience physical illnesses or injuries that make it difficult to bathe and use the bathroom independently.

Family Members May Not Agree on Whether a Senior Needs Assistance

In some cases it is clear when a senior needs help, but in many instances it is not. The children and other family members of seniors often disagree on whether or not help is needed. One family member may see a moderate decline in functioning as something that calls for immediate in-home assistance, while another may not be concerned at all and may think that the senior is doing just fine.

Disagreements about whether or not assistance is needed can divide families and lead to arguments between well-intentioned family members who all want what is best for their loved one. If you and your family members disagree about whether your parent or another elderly loved one needs assistance with daily tasks, it may be beneficial to seek advice and assistance from a professional.

Talk to Your Loved One’s Doctor

One good person to talk to is your loved one’s primary care doctor. Schedule an appointment for you and your relatives to meet with the doctor and discuss the physician’s views on your loved one’s physical and mental health and any concerns he or she has. You and your family members can discuss your own concerns and get the medical professional’s opinion on whether or not it is safe and reasonable for your loved one to live independently or whether assistance may be needed.

How Dependable Care Can Help

Dependable Care can provide many levels of assistance for seniors in Connecticut. Our caregivers can help with cooking, cleaning, laundry, and medication reminders if your loved one is finding those tasks challenging. A caregiver can also help with your loved one’s personal needs, including toileting, bathing, and dressing.

We will send our nurse and the owner of Dependable Care to your loved one’s home to meet with your family and discuss your loved one’s condition and any challenges he or she is facing. We will look at your loved one’s home, check for potential hazards, and have an in-depth discussion with your family about ways we can help. We will then match your loved one with a caregiver who can provide the right level of services for his or her needs. To get started, contact Dependable Care today.

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