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How a Caregiver Can Help Seniors Stay Safe and Healthy This Summer

How a Caregiver Can Help Seniors Stay Safe and Healthy This Summer
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How a Caregiver Can Help Seniors Stay Safe and Healthy This Summer

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The weather is turning warmer in Connecticut, and summer is right around the corner. The summer heat can cause health problems for many people, but seniors are especially vulnerable. Older adults may have medical conditions or take medications that can make them more susceptible to heat stroke, exhaustion, and other problems associated with the heat.

If your loved one lives alone and you are concerned about his or her health in the summer heat, a caregiver from Dependable Care can help. A caregiver can make sure your family member is prepared to deal with the heat and can stay healthy.

How a Caregiver Can Help Your Loved One Beat the Summer Heat

One of the most important ways to stay healthy in the summer is to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water can help seniors avoid becoming dehydrated and possibly fainting. A caregiver can make sure your loved one drinks water throughout the day and avoids alcohol and caffeinated beverages that can cause dehydration.

During the summer, it is especially important to dress appropriately for the weather. If your loved one needs to go out, a caregiver can make sure he or she is wearing light, loose-fitting clothing with light colors that will reflect the sun and help him or her stay cool. A caregiver can also make sure your loved one is wearing a hat and sunscreen if he or she will be spending time outdoors.

On an especially hot day, it is best to stay inside where there is air conditioning. A caregiver can make sure your family member stays out of the blazing sun and in a cool and comfortable place. If your loved one does not have air conditioning at home, a caregiver can drive him or her to a place that does, such as a mall or a movie theater, to keep cool.

Contact Dependable Care to Find a Caregiver for Your Family Member

Connecticut can get hot in the summer, and seniors are at risk for associated medical problems. A caregiver can help your loved one stay cool, comfortable, and healthy this summer. If you are concerned about your family member’s health in the summer, contact Dependable Care today so we can match your loved one with the right caregiver.

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