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A Caregiver Can Help Seniors Make Positive Changes This Spring

A Caregiver Can Help Seniors Make Positive Changes This Spring
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A Caregiver Can Help Seniors Make Positive Changes This Spring

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It is the beginning of March, and spring will be here in a few short weeks. Many people spend winters in Connecticut indoors trying to avoid the cold and snow. In the spring, people want to get out more, enjoy the pleasant weather, and spend more time with family and friends. Many people also associate the season with spring cleaning. Seniors can make some changes this spring that can have a significant impact on their health and quality of life.

Eliminating Clutter Can Make a Senior’s Home Safer

One of the most important things seniors can do this spring is some cleaning. Homes often get cluttered with furniture, appliances, books, newspapers, clothing, knickknacks, and a whole host of other things. Some of them have practical or sentimental value, while others are just taking up space.

Having a cluttered home can be especially problematic for seniors, who may have conditions such as arthritis or problems with balance that make it difficult to walk. Every year, thousands of seniors fall at home and suffer serious injuries. Eliminating clutter can make a home safer.

Discarding Expired Medications Can Keep Seniors Healthy

Seniors often take several medications. Those pills expire, but they are not always discarded. Taking expired medication can be dangerous. Spring is a good time to go through a medicine cabinet, check the expiration dates on medications, and safely discard them if they are expired.

Exercise Has Many Benefits for Seniors

With warm weather, spring is a great time to get outdoors. Many seniors do not get enough exercise, but it has clear benefits. Regular physical activity can help with weight control, stress, and arthritis. Seniors can take short walks or participate in other activities if they are able.

Seniors Can Visit Family and Friends This Spring

Spring is also an excellent time to enjoy visits with family and friends. Seniors often spend most of the winter in their homes because driving and walking on snowy and icy walkways can be dangerous. With the roads clear and driveways and sidewalks easier to navigate, seniors can get out and socialize more. This can help relieve the feelings of loneliness and isolation that many seniors experience in the winter.

How a Caregiver from Dependable Care Can Help Seniors This Spring

A caregiver from Dependable Care can help with any of these activities. Our trained caregivers can clean up a senior’s home to eliminate clutter and make it safer, help discard expired medications, accompany seniors on walks, and provide transportation to outings with family and friends. We have helped many seniors all over Connecticut lead healthier and happier lives. Contact us today so we can help you find the right caregiver for your loved one.

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