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A Caregiver Can Help Your Parent Stay Mentally Engaged and Focused

A Caregiver Can Help Your Parent Stay Mentally Engaged and Focused
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A Caregiver Can Help Your Parent Stay Mentally Engaged and Focused

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Senior citizens often experience a loss of memory and a lack of mental engagement as they get older. In some cases this can be caused by Alzheimer’s or dementia, but in many instances it is simply because of a lack of use. People work for decades and spend several hours a day focusing on their jobs, but in retirement many people spend less time focused on challenging mental tasks and may not interact with others verbally as much as they did when they were working.

How to Keep Seniors Mentally Engaged

It can be easy for seniors to experience mental decline as they get older, but in many cases this can be prevented by engaging in stimulating mental activities and social interaction. Seniors can read, write, do puzzles, play mentally engaging games, and participate in stimulating conversations and activities with others.

Family members can encourage senior citizens to stay engaged as they get older by promoting conversation and mentally stimulating activities. Seniors can also spend time with their friends at their home or a senior center and participate in community organizations or classes.

A Companion Can Help Your Parent Stay Focused

If you live far from your parent and are concerned that he or she is not getting enough mental stimulation because he or she lives alone, a companion from Dependable Care can help. A caregiver can engage your parent in conversations about family, friends, current events, special interests, or anything else your parent wants to discuss. A companion can encourage your parent to play games and do other activities that promote focus and mental engagement.

A caregiver can also provide transportation. If your parent wants to visit family or friends, go to the local senior center, attend a class, or go to a meeting for a local organization, a caregiver can drive if your parent is no longer able to do so. A caregiver can make it possible for your parent to continue or begin a new hobby or attend a special event such as a concert or play.

Mental decline does not need to be a part of aging for everyone. In many cases, seniors can remain focused and mentally engaged by pursuing their interests and interacting with others. If you do not live close enough to your parent to visit as often as you would like but want to make sure he or she remains mentally engaged, a companion from Dependable Care can help. Our team of caregivers help seniors across Connecticut. Contact us today for a consultation.

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