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A Caregiver Can Help Your Parent Avoid Falling at Home

A Caregiver Can Help Your Parent Avoid Falling at Home
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A Caregiver Can Help Your Parent Avoid Falling at Home

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One of the leading causes of injury among senior citizens is falling. Falls occur most often in the home when people trip over rugs, slip on bathroom floors, or lose their balance because they are trying to carry something up or down stairs. Seniors can also be off balance because of arthritis, an illness, or an injury.

Falling Can Lead to Serious Injuries

About a third of people over the age of 65 fall every year. Falls can result in severe and painful injuries, including: broken bones; dislocations; head, back, and neck injuries; sprains; cuts; and bruises. Over half of seniors who fall and break a hip will fall again within six months. Even when seniors are not injured by falls, they are often unable to get up without assistance.

Many seniors want to continue to live in their homes and to be independent in retirement. With the risk of falls, adult children are often concerned about the possibility of their parents getting injured if they live alone. Someone who falls and is seriously injured may be unable to reach the phone and could suffer for hours before being found.

A Caregiver Can Make Living at Home Safer for Your Parent

One way to allow an aging parent to remain at home while reducing the risk of falls and injuries is to have an in-home caregiver provide assistance with daily activities. A caregiver can help with many tasks, such as carrying laundry and doing grocery shopping. He or she can help a senior with limited mobility or arthritis get in and out of bed or a chair and use the bathroom. This can make the environment at home much safer by eliminating many of the most common causes of injuries.

Dependable Care has a staff of trained and compassionate caregivers who can help seniors with daily activities that have become difficult. They can carry heavy items and help seniors get around more easily so they can remain at home and continue to be independent.

If your parent wants to continue to live at home but you are concerned about the potential for injuries if he or she falls, Dependable Care can help. We can match your parent with a caregiver who can provide assistance with difficult activities so your parent can continue to enjoy life and you can have peace of mind knowing that he or she will not be in harm’s way. Contact us today so we can find the right caregiver for your parent.


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