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Aging in Place in Connecticut: Everything You Need to Know

Aging in Place in Connecticut: Everything You Need to Know
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Aging in Place in Connecticut: Everything You Need to Know

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As people age, they begin to face new challenges. These may include physical changes, such as problems with vision, hearing, and balance, or conditions such as arthritis that limit mobility. Many senior citizens experience mental decline associated with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. When these challenges occur, seniors and their families often struggle to figure out how to cope.

What Is Aging in Place?

Many seniors want to remain in the homes where they have lived for years and resist the idea of moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home. Aging in place is a term to describe the process of living in one’s home with any necessary support for as long as possible. It is a choice that many Connecticut seniors and their families are making.

The goal of aging in place is to maintain or improve a senior’s quality of live. As they get older, seniors may not be as independent as they once were and may need help with daily activities they used to do themselves. With the right support, senior citizens can stay in their homes and continue to live full lives.

How a Caregiver Can Help Your Loved One Age in Place

If your loved one wants to age in place but needs some assistance and you are unable to be around as much as you would like, a caregiver from Dependable Care can help. We have helped many seniors all over Connecticut successfully age in place and maintain a comfortable quality of live.

Dependable Care can provide assistance with many daily tasks. A caregiver can go grocery shopping and prepare nutritious meals. He or she can help with other chores, such as cleaning and laundry, and can drive your loved one to medical appointments, visits with family and friends, and other places so he or she can stay engaged with others and be an active member of the community. A caregiver can spend quiet time at home with your family member, talking and playing games to keep your loved one’s mind sharp.

Contact Dependable Care for Help with Aging in Place

Aging in place is a realistic and achievable goal for many Connecticut seniors that can allow them to stay where they are comfortable and maintain a good quality of live. With support from Dependable Care, your loved one can age in place and you can have peace of mind knowing that your family member is receiving the support he or she needs. Contact Dependable Care today to learn more about how one of our caregivers can help your loved one age in place.

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